Jan 28, 2020

Optimize Your WiFi Network to Stream Music Over AirPlay But AirPlay only works as well as the underlying network allows. The Apple product specialist led me through a stepwise process that began with looking at router and zone receiver placement, and moved through zone receiver configuration, router WiFi broadcast mode, and finally to WiFi broadcast channel. Apple's AirPort Express - What You Need To Know Mar 11, 2020 Routers compatible with Airplay and Bonjour? - Linksys

Dec 08, 2016

Using AirPlay 2 without WiFi | Sonos Community

Just hooked up my NetGear R6250 and it's working much better than my last router, with the exception of AirPlay on my 5th gen ipod touch. It drops out after 1-2 minutes of playing music every time I try. I searched for similar problems and it seems to be something that happens with Airplay and …

Solved: I use WLC 5508's and 1142 and 2602 AP's. AppleTV and Airplay will not work unless I enable P2P on the WLAN We allow BYOD and people are using P2P inappropriately. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get AppleTV and Airplay to Connecting a D7050 using Airplay – NAD Electronics Support Jan 28, 2020 New router breaks Airplay. help! : airplay This used to work fine with my old Apple router. Moved to a TP-Link A20 and nothing functions. I even tested it by switching BACK to the apple router and everything started working again. To be more specific, I'm trying to airplay to from an iPhone to an Airport Express Get 2, 2 airplay speakers, and an Apple TV. All devices are connected via Itunes Airplay not working when PC is wired to Pace 5013 Dec 08, 2016