Apr 18, 2013

Configuring IPSec Tunnel between Avaya 96xx Series IP Phone with VPN (IPSec) whereby the IPSec Tunnel is terminated in the main office location with a Cisco 2811 Intergraded Service Router. For the sample configuration, the Avaya 96xx Series IP Phone with VPN once completed the tunnel negotiation will register to Avaya Aura™ Communication Manager 5.2 … IPsec Site-to-Site VPN FortiGate Cisco Router | Weberblog.net The VPN tunnel shown here is a route-based tunnel. That is, I do NOT use proxy-ids in phase 2 for the routing decision (which would be policy-based), but tunnel-interfaces and static routes. This applies to both devices. The FortiGate firewall in my lab is a FortiWiFi 90D (v5.2.2), the Cisco router an 2811 with software version 12.4(24)T8. Lab A question on DMVPN throughput - Cisco Learning Network The Cisco documents state that the 2801 and 2811 have a VPN throughput of 51Mb/s. I would have expected something close to that and not the 12Mb/s. I'm using AES 128bit ESP encryption with SHA ESP authentication for my IPSec.

local crypto endpt.: "DSL Gateway IP" 1, remote crypto endpt.: "My VPN tunnel connection IP in f0/0" path mtu 1500, ip mtu 1500, ip mtu idb FastEthernet0/0 current outbound spi: 0xB12EFCA0(2972646560)

IPsec Troubleshooting: Understanding and Using - Cisco Jul 15, 2009 Solved: Cisco Router Site 2 Site Tunnel - Cisco Community Solved: I have 2 Cisco routers , 1841 and 2811 , I need to setup site to site VPN , but i dont now some how it just does not seems to be working , Find attached the Configuration along with the Cisco 2811 Cisco1841--- Find attached command

Cisco’s new line of access routers, dubbed ISRs (Integrated Services Routers), fits this bill nicely. In the lab I evaluated two examples from Cisco’s ISR series: the 1811W and 2811.

Cisco VPN Client Configuration - Setup for IOS Router This article shows you how to configure you Cisco router to support the Cisco VPN client 32bit & 64 Bit. We show how to setup the Cisco router IOS to create Crypto IPSec tunnels, group and user authentication, plus the necessary NAT access lists to ensurn Split tunneling is properly applied so that the VPN client traffic is not NATted. Cisco Router 2811/2821 site to site VPN setup | Cisco