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Generating RSA Keys - SNRS - Cisco Certified Expert Mar 27, 2017 Generating RSA keys on a Cryptographic Coprocessor - IBM Generating RSA keys on a PCICC, PCIXCC, CEX2C, or CEX3C With the PCICC, PCIXCC, CEX2C, or CEX3C, you can use the PKA key generate callable service to generate RSA public and private key pairs within the secure boundary of the cryptographic coprocessor. The PCICC/PCIXCC can generate RSA keys with a modulus size of 512 to 2048 bits.

On the RSA side, I'm generating a secure random session name to store the private keys generated in containers, and sending out the public key. I'm also using the same model (one key pair per user per session) as in AES.

Generating the key is easy. Just use RSA_generate_key_ex. The program below shows you how to do it. Saving the public and private key is a different matter because you need to know the format. The program below shows you how to do it in a number of formats. PrivateKeyInfo, and the public and private keys. PEM_write_bio_RSAPublicKey (PKCS Manually generating your SSH key in Windows Sep 26, 2019

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