National Security Agency Names U.S. Air Force Academy 2019 NSA Cyber Exercise Champion. April 15, 2019 NSA Stops Certain Section 702 "Upstream" Activities. April 28, 2017 NSA Stops Certain Foreign Intelligence Collection Activities Under Section 702. April 21, 2017

Room 641A - Wikipedia Description. Room 641A is located in the SBC Communications building at 611 Folsom Street, San Francisco, three floors of which were occupied by AT&T before SBC purchased AT&T. The room was referred to in internal AT&T documents as the SG3 [Study Group 3] Secure Room.. The room measures about 24 by 48 feet (7.3 by 14.6 m) and contains several racks of equipment, including a Narus STA … Judge dismisses Wikimedia case against NSA over Upstream Dec 17, 2019 An 'Upstream' Battle As Wikimedia Challenges NSA Mar 15, 2015

Stop Upstream Surveillance: The NSA is Overreaching, and

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Jun 08, 2013

NASA TV airs a variety of regularly scheduled, pre-recorded educational and public relations programming 24 hours a day on its various channels. Programs include "This Week @ NASA", which shows news from NASA centers around the country; “Science Live,” which features news and discoveries from the Science Mission Directorate; "Video File", which broadcasts b-roll footage for news and media Careers - Upstream USA At Upstream, our work fights back against inequities—particularly those that affect low-income communities and people of color. We embrace that same ethos as we build our team. We champion diversity, build opportunities for equity and strive for a culture of inclusivity that is welcoming to all. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Wikimedia Is Challenging NSA 'Upstream Surveillance' in Through upstream surveillance, the NSA is authorized to collect data on Internet users who communicate with “non U.S. persons” if it any way relates to national security or foreign affairs NSA's Prism surveillance program: how it works and what it Jun 08, 2013